So you're thinning...

Jude Law

Take it easy. Sure, easy for me to say right, I'm a woman. Although I can't relate to hair loss personally I know what a touchy subject it is as my husband is thinning - and he's a hair stylist.

Some tips:

What's your personal style? Look at Jude Law up there. He has a fabulous hairstylist. He's been thinning for awhile but keeps his hair longer - not a comb over but a comb up! The late Heath Ledger sported a similar style from time to time - see center pic. Terrence Stamp also opted for longer bits in the late 60s and went for the free flow for his later years. Please, don't give up just because you're thinning. There are options!

Heath Ledger

Find a good hairstylist! My husband goes to Michelle at Suki's downtown. Yes, he pays a lot but he also paid $20 once and hated his appearance for six months. How do you find a stylist? Word of mouth. Ask your female friends who have good hair. Ask guys with good hair. Spend more to look like you have more.

Right kind of hair product. Stay away from wax, gel and styling creams. Hairspray is good. B. swears by L'oreal StudioLine Ultim Fix Control Spray.

Terrence Stamp

Good shampoo. Use a conditioner once a week. When we go in for an updo our stylist tells us to stay away from conditioner and not to wash our hair the night before. The 'drier' hair is easier to style. You, in a sense, are trying to achieve an updo as well - so don't over condition.

Get some highlights! They add texture and tend to make us look like we have more hair.

John Malkovich

It's in the eyes. Our eyes are the caverns to our soul. Be confident. Personally, I usually find that men with thinning hair have an intensity in their eyes. I like that.