Convocation Catwalk

Where has Stacy been? I found a job! Two years of searching complete - at least until the end of my contract. I'm working in acadameia - which is where my professional training and education have been.

So, there I was yesterday sitting up amongst the faculty cheering on our graduating class of 2010 and what was I focusing on - shoes, pant hems and gown lengths.

What you wear under your convocation gown is more important than you think. I learned this fourteen years ago at my university convocation. I wore a floor length black skirt and white collared shirt. However, I did not realize that the gown's v-neck would be so high and the length would not be suitable for one of petite stature. I had to tuck in my collar and accept that I quite possibly looked like a nun shuffling across the convocation catwalk.

So, as you strutt off on that runway to shake the hands of people you don't know remember to work that catwalk! It's your rite of passage and your time to shine!

PS This time I wore black opaque tights, platforms and a collarless shirt under my gown - and I channeled Carine Roitfeld to remind me how to sit.