Jun 2, 2010

Where to buy women's trousers

Katharine Hepburn via Here's Looking Like You, Kid

One would think it would be easy to find a pair of black trousers - just a simple light weight wool or wool crepe. I don't want tight butt trousers with stretch in them. Terrible. They look cheap, feel cheap and smell cheap. I want a nice pair of tailored trousers a la 1937 Katharine Hepburn or Lauren Bacall to be specific. I've been in the fashion industry for 25 years and I remember what most trousers were like before greed set in.

Oscar de la Renta

I found one pair (above) that were beautifully made but they were $1000. If I had the cash I would have bought them. Yes, I would spend $1000 on a pair of trousers if they were of high quality and a classic design.

Apparently, I'm 'picky'. You know what I say - if I'm giving someone my money (because ultimately I am) they have to deserve it.

There. That feels better. Thanks for listening.

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