Jul 1, 2010

100 Years of Menswear

My first fashion book - if you could call it that - was the C volume of Encyclopedia Britannica. When I was bored as a kid my Mom would tell me to go and 'read the encyclopedias'. So I did. The C volume contained 'Costumes of the World'. I still have that volume somewhere - probably nestled amongst my 25 years of fashion magazines in storage.

I was lucky enough to come across One Hundred Years of Menswear at my community library. I don't buy books often but I will, however, be buying 100 Years of Menswear.

Cally Blackmann had me sold within the first paragraph - read more here. Her argument is,

'...menswear has had a far greater influence on women's fashion over the last century than the other way around.'

from 100 years of Menswear

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