How to Restore a Wood Table

1. Acquire a table. In this situation I'm using a teak one.

2. You'll need the finest grade steel wool, gloves, two clean cloths and Dr. Howard's Feed-N-Wax (I think this is the best for getting a nice conditioned look with Danish style furniture in walnut, rosewood or teak).

3. Break off some steel wool and lightly run it with the grain of the wood. Don't rub back and forth. It's like doing your nails - file in one direction. Get down to eye level to see any missed spots.

4. Wipe the dust off with a clean rag.

5. Apply a dab of Feed-n-Wax to a clean cloth and rub it - with the grain - onto the wood. Once again, get down to eye level to see any spots you've missed.

6. Wait 20 minutes

7. Wipe clean

8. Voila. Now go and sell your $100 table for $600

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