Oct 25, 2010

12 Steps to Have Great Skin

  1. keep it clean
  2. water in the morning
  3. cleanser at night
  4. lotion instead of cream - cream clogs your pores as it's heavier.
  5. shower spray is good for the face - stand close and enjoy.
  6. suntan lotion everyday - spf 30
  7. face massage - try a Japanese face massage or do one on yourself.
  8. face acupuncture - I've done this a few times. If I was rich I'd go all the time - it feels that good.
  9. keep ear, nose and unruly eyebrow hair under control. Read Sarah's tips on easy eyebrow grooming - good for men and women.
  10. eat plenty of orange colored fruits and vegetables - they contain Vitamin A - one of the skin's most important rejuvinators. For others see here.
  11. keep coffee, alcohol, late nights, and pharmaceuticals to a minimum - they either dehydrate or puff up the face.
  12. drink two litres of water a day.

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