Tip of the Week - How to Leave a Party

how to leave a party

Being an introvert, I used to be a pro at this - now I save myself the hassle and just don't go - it's so much easier. The technique outlined below should be saved for larger parties or those with extremely inebriated guests.

  1. Party is set to start at 9:00. Arrive at 9:30
  2. Spot your hosts and give the 'nod and smile'.
  3. Chat with one, then the other. No longer than ten minutes in total.
  4. Accept a drink - if offered, but leave it untouched. Beware of 'liquid courage'.
  5. Work the edges of the room giving the 'nod and smile' to those you recognize. Remember, you're there to be seen not heard.
  6. Keep your back to the wall so people can recognize you. You never know, you may need an alibi one day.
  7. Within another ten minutes you should be out the door as quickly, but less painfully, as you entered.
  8. Total commitment 20-30 minutes max.

Tip - think of yourself as the second hand on a clock skimming the edges until you're back where you started.