Dec 29, 2010

My Favourite Things

Fellow blogger, Liberty and In Dependence, inspired me to write a 'Favourite Things' list - which is much different than my 'Strictly Materialistic' list. Sorry Oprah, it wasn't you.

So, here you go:
  1. strawberry rhubarb pie - preferably for breakfast
  2. body pillows
  3. the first cup of coffee in the morning - made extra strong in my perculator.
  4. very very long walks
  5. mid-century West Coast architecture
  6. my new neighbourhood
  7. driving my car like it's a sauna on wheels
  8. robin songs at sunset
  9. fond memories of things that once were
  10. my Danskos and Birks
  11. the smell of the Pacific Northwest forest after the rain

The Wind