17 Things to Avoid at Work

  1. Absence - pull your own weight. Your team will resent you if you don't.
  2. Borrowing - Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
  3. Drinking - the unwritten 'rule' is one drink at lunch if your guest is having one. If you're a light weight like me don't even bother.
  4. Gossip - don't talk about others, you're beyond that.
  5. Gum Chewing - every time I see Johnny Depp at an event he's chewing gum and it looks terrible.
  6. Messiness - make it a habit early in your career to clean up your desk before you leave - this includes putting pens and paper clips away.
  7. Obscene Language - avoid using expletive adjectives - this may require extreme concentration.
  8. Over Zealous Office Decor - keep it simple. One or two photos of family/friends/pets, and framed professional designations. The attention should be on you not your nick nacks.
  9. Personal Comments - don't comment on someone's appearance if they look ill or thinner or heavier.
  10. Personal Problems - keep it to yourself. You won't hear the CEO complaining about his or her spouse or finances.
  11. Romance - keep it out of the office. Messy, messy stuff.
  12. Shouting - get up and go over to their desk or call them - don't yell their name out.
  13. Smoking - just because you smoke doesn't mean you get extra 'smoke' breaks. No one likes the smell of second hand smoke when you walk in after your break either. Take the time to wash your hands.
  14. Soapboxing - the meeting wasn't held for you and you only. Share the floor.
  15. Temper - grow up. I'd hardly call it 'motivating others'. Who do you think you are - that kid that didn't like getting books for Christmas?
  16. Wasting Others' Time - learn to read body language. A glance at the clock, tidying up the desk, standing - these all mean time to say goodbye.
  17. Wearing Cologne or Perfume - I once worked with a woman who wore a scent that actually made me angry. I think it was called Angel.