How I spent the last day of 2010

As expected there was a lot of good stuff to be found. Particularly menswear. I only bought the Aquascutum coat, two women's vintage Givenchy suits, a vintage 1978 men's blue leather provincial champ jacket that I visualized Ryan Gosling wearing and some sterling tear drop earrings. If I was doing the Manhattan Vintage Show in February I could've stocked up majorly - however, I do have a great idea for a 'reality' show so email me if you know anyone I can pitch to.

vintage Aquascutum Harris Tweed Overcoat
exceptional vintage pinstripe suit - look at that lining and tell me where quality has gone.

vintage Rice coat with Borg faux shearling lining

industrial chair and 1970s RCA clock radio

disgustingly good but only twice a year - Japa Dog Veggie Terrimayo (no onions)

early 60s Italian alligator pumps

vintage hand made men's shoes

1980s Stacy Adams men's ankle boots
vintage 70s Kings of Lloyd (German) men's shoes
deep in visualization mode
images Stacy Reynaud