16 Things Never to Do While Dining Out

Do Not:
  1. use the same cutlery for each course. If the waiter lays your dirty utensils back on the table cloth after clearing the first course hand them back and request clean ones.
  2. break off a piece of bread without offering your guests any. When a loaf of bread is placed on the table break off two or three pieces and offer them with the rest of the loaf in the breadbasket or on the plate to the people beside you.
  3. only serve yourself coffee or tea if the pot is placed on the table without first having been poured by the waiter. The person nearest the pot offers to pour, filling her or his cup last.
  4. put those unfortunate paper wrappers and plastic containers that are now littering our dining tables into empty cups or glasses. These unfortunate sugar packets and jam containers should be placed on the edge of the saucer or butter plate.
  5. pour wine from the ice bucket without first wiping off any water from the outside of the bottle. If the waiter does not return after initially opening the bottle and pouring the first glass you may refill glasses, after wiping the bottle, beginning with your guests.
  6. use a comb at a restaurant table - or in any public place. Never rearrange or put your hands to your hair in any place that food is served.
  7. blow your nose at the table.
  8. lick your fingers. Ask for a finger bowl if your food is really that messy.
  9. reach over and spear your dining partner's food. Hand your unused fork to him/her and they will then pick up a bit and hand it back to you.
  10. offer a taste of your food to your dining partner with your dirty utensil. Instead, slice a small piece with their utensils, or with yours if it's before you've used them yourself, and put a small portion on their plate.
  11. introduce every Tom, Dick and Harry in your group to people you know and happen to see at the same restaurant. Simply nod and say 'Hello' as they pass.
  12. table hop. Pulling up a seat at another table is not in good taste.
  13. call your waiter "Sir".
  14. make a scene if there is an error on your bill.
  15. offer to 'pay half' after the bill arrives. This should be brought up before you get to the restaurant.
  16. make out. Even if it is a dark corner table - no matter how tempting it may be.