From the Archives - 10 Unique Bedroom Ideas

Originally published in BL August 20, 2009
We spend the most time in our bedroom. Let's make it good.

Style. Get that television out of your bedroom now and put in a dimmer switch. Good lighting, texture and personal style can turn that rental white box you call a bedroom into whatever your fantasies desire. After all, it is the bedroom.

Ambiance. Reel to reel, projector, candles, mini bar and I'm sure there's a smoke machine somewhere in there.

Consistency. Let's say you love brown but have reservations about painting the entire small room brown. Why not take shades of brown and extend them throughout the space by using texture, accessories and furniture. Striped wall paper hung horizontally stretches a small room even further by the use of a mirror. In this room the lamps, clock, wardrobe fixtures, sable crushed velvet bedspread and mirrored vase play off the reflections of the mirrors and the silver stripes in the wall paper.

You. Remember how you decorated your bedroom as a kid. Collages of rock posters, fashion spreads, baby animals, cars, supermodels, or whatever, it set you apart from your parents. I remember the feeling of pride I had in my bedroom when friends would come over to listen to records, gossip or put together outfits. When I moved out at 19 a box of incense and a bag of candles were the first things I bought.