Last Weekend

This was last weekend, minus picking up some Ancient Grains bread from the Artisan Shoppe. They deserve a whole post. The only thing I bought was a nib (new in box) vintage Pyrex percolator pump.

I'm lucky to call this my 'back yard' - I live in an apartment.

This guy is in the window of a local consignment shop. I want him.

Favourite coffee joint. They make the best 'Tuna Diablo' sandwich too.

Unfortunately, too big. SPCA North Van

I love vintage liquer sets. The gold on the rims of the glasses however, does not go well with my dental work. Ever chew on tin foil?

The shoes on the left had chunky heels and the black ones were velvet.

The Blue Boy done in paint by numbers.

Velvet 70s lounger that screams bed bugs to me. Too bad.

too small

The label read 'Canadian Executive Woman'. It was excellent quality but I don't need another one.

Candle holders

Stainless steel writing pad.