The Gift I Made My Mom - Easy and Inexpensive I love You Gift

I adapted this gift idea from a column by interior decorator Barb Lunter that was in the North Shore News a few weeks back.

What you need:
  • 2 vases - this isn't as easy as you think. One vase must fit inside the other with enough room around it to put some goodies yet it has to be large enough to hold a few bunches of flowers. I found both of my vases at a local thrift shop.
  • a couple bunches of flowers. I used five bunches of tulips.
  • a whole lot of goodies. Be creative. I opted for chocolate loonies* over the simpler jelly beans. I bought these from the bulk section at our local grocer but you can also find some unique stuff at sweet shops like Sugar & Co.
  • an elastic or string

  1. place the small vase inside the large one
  2. distribute your goodies around the inside of the large vase so you can no longer see the small one
  3. put a little room temperature water in the small vase
  4. hold the bunch of flowers in your right hand. With your left hand take one flower one at a time until you have formed a little bouquet of flowers. Tie the bouquet together with the string or elastic.
  5. insert the bouquet into the small vase with the water
  6. adjust the leaves and flowers accordingly

*a loonie is a Canadian dollar. plural form = loonies