Someone Stole My Bike

I think this is the only picture I have of my bike - Jericho Beach circa 1999

It was a vintage orange all steel Raleigh women's bike with an image of a mountain by the logo. I bought it at the SPCA thrift store on West Broadway for $30. It had chrome fenders, white hand grips, a broken blue with white edge saddle seat, busted brakes, broken gears, there was one of those clear plastic red combination locks on it and it was extremely squeeky. I'd also replaced the tires with wheel chair tires. The loser stole it right from our West End apartment building's bike lock up so it was obviously someone who lived there. I think it was the Raver that lived on our floor because as soon as he moved out my bike was gone. This was ten years ago. I haven't stopped looking for my bike. I've thought I've spotted it a few times but no dice. What I'm going to do if I do find it. I will wait beside the bike until the person comes for it, that's what I'll do.

Vintage Raleigh Cycle Poster - Magic Carpet