All your hard work

I found a fortune on the ground last Saturday. I'd initially walked past it and then that voice in my head said, 'You didn't see that for nothing. Go back and pick it up'. So I did. One side said, 'All your hard work will soon pay off'; and the other side had six numbers. I'm already confident all my hard work will pay off because, eventually, it always does, although I prefer to call it smart work. That night I went and played the six numbers in the Lotto 649 and won ten bucks. I've taken that ten bucks and reinvested the same numbers for Wednesday's two lottos. I'm tempted to get all philosophical over this but I'm too lazy to type so instead you can just imagine what I'm thinking, I'm sure you'll be dead on. If you don't hear from me in awhile it's because I've taken off to invest my wealth (knowledge included) into my next round of smart work.

Oh, and I've finally decided to sell my vintage Samsonite luggage.