Are you an Esquire Man?

BMW ad Architectural Digest 1979

Esquire page 45 September 2011

Esquire magazine used to somewhat appeal to me until I bought this September's issue. To be honest, I actually don't ever recall buying one before, the only reason I bought this one was because Ryan Gosling was on the cover. Once I got to page 45 I'd had enough. According to Esquire, if a woman wants to attract an 'Esquire man' she should drive the 21st Century rendition of the mini van. Who would find these cars sexy? Apparently, according to Esquire's Media Kit, a 43.9 year old male who is 'affluent, educated and successful' would find these cars sexy. Obviously, I'm out of touch with people of my own demographic! What I'm really getting at is these cars are ugly and they're not cool. I hope Ryan Gosling isn't an 'Esquire man'.