How to Wear a Sweater

Shop smart this winter. Make a list. Here's your starting point.

1. Black or charcoal grey cardigan sweater
left - 08 SIRCUS - Mohair and Wool Cable Knit Cardigan Sweater
right - All Saints Charcoal Wool Cardigan

2. Cashmere V neck sweater
left - Pringle of Scotland Cashmere V-neck Sweater
right - Dior Homme V Neck Sweater

3. lambswool or merino wool crewneck or V
left - Johnston's Crewneck Sweater
right - Burberry Crewneck

4. Merino wool T 5. Polo or shawl collar sweater
left - Pringle of Scotland Wool Long John Sweater
right - Acne Normandie Wool Sweater