Last Weekend

It rained so hard even the crows were soaked.

We picked up some Springtime and headed over to Rachel and Eddie's place

for some champagne cocktails

and an attempt at making this extreme Chocolate Wasted Cake. According to Rachel, remember I'm the bartender, it didn't work properly because there weren't any eggs.

We poured Kahlua over it and ate it anyway.

I husked tulips.

stacy reynaud

Morello hung out

and Gabriella hid.

Their building turned 101 last year - the tenants had a street party (welcome to the West End).

An apartment like theirs is perfect for introverted me and my ADD.

There is so much to look at my eyes don't stop - which means I don't really need to talk.

I can disappear into one of the five rooms (I despise open concept) and try on her Grandma's jewelry

or admire pillows bought on Etsy and Polaroid collages of loved ones.

Even the trees keep me entertained.

Her flower garden is continuously growing. On my next visit I'll bring her some of mine.