From the Archives - Joshua Van Dyke The Skateboard as Rite of Passage

Originally published December 1, 2008

I met Josh at the Dynamo Arts Space on East Hastings in 2008. I was there to check out some oil paintings by another artist and Josh caught my eye. Since then, Josh has set up his studio on Bowen Island and has started making quite the name for himself. I hope you bought his stuff four years ago when I first introduced you to him. Head on over and follow him on Facebook.

The rite of passage. Vancouver based artist, Joshua Van Dyke, explores this universal theory in his latest work of sculpture. Each work, created out of vintage skate decks he has collected from around the world, translates separation, liminality and re-incorporation into a visual masterpiece reminisce of Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces.
Van Dyke's work is raw, symbolic, and brilliant.

images Stacy Reynaud