Super Easy Food

stacy reynaud
stacy reynaud

Easy enough I even had time to make it for lunch just before I ran out the door. Not to mention, these goodies can hang out in your fridge all week for you to snack on.

What you need:
tortilla wraps
*red pepper/spicy hummus
**matchstick carrots
avocado (thanks Michael)
edamame beans

What you do:
1. spread the hummus over the entire wrap - all the way to the edge. It's the glue that holds the wrap together.
2. layer the rest of the ingredients over the entire face of the tortilla
3. roll it like you're rolling a hand rolled cigarette - roll a little, pull back, roll a little more, pull back. Rolling like this ensures the wrap is rolled into the mix (see the second pic).
4. slice the roll in half

*You could use any spread. How about Baba ganoush?
**I've also used a match stick beet and carrot mix. Cutting the veggies like this ensures a crunch.

adapted from Healthy Happy Life