I'm on a boat

Just pretending.
I've actually been moving for the last few days and am still knee deep in boxes and crumpled up newspaper. No Internet access at the new place for two weeks. 
Here are a few snaps of what's been going on:

A new little den with a big mess

Flo discovered the new fireplace.

One never can be too safe.

Cheap shiraz moving boxes, one of Blake's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy and Tilley

These were at the SPCA Thrift but I've decided they're a little too 'retro' for me

The wall color in the new place is disgusting. I think I'm opting for Benjamin Moore White Diamond - it has a blue undertone. Saving my pennies for the Saarinen Womb Chair. I want it in that color too.

First food stuffs on the deck.

Happy feet experiencing the first fresh air and sun of 2012

The new view