May 23, 2012

The Staples Residence - Another West Coast Modern Demolition - or not

1966 courtyard facing north
Staples Residence image  Stacy reynaud
Back in May 2009 I stumbled upon this home accidentally. Being in such a bad state, I thought it was abandoned.

Erickson Massey Architects
stacy reynaud
In October of 2011 I received an email, from a fellow Vancouverite and West Coast Modern lover - who, oddly enough, was also a real estate developer, informing me that this home was now for sale -  
Erickson Massey Architects 1966
stacy reynaud 
for $3 million.
The Staples Residence was designed in 1966 by Bruno Freschi for Erickson Massey Architects (Arthur Erickson and George Massey)

1966 kitchen
Wanting to capture this iconic piece of Northwest Modern before it was torn down I got on the phone to one of my real estate agent colleagues. I want to make it clear that I wasn't just snooping, in West Vancouver standards, water front property for $3 million is a steal and I thought that perhaps I'd be able to wrangle up some fellow West Coast Modern lovers, buy the place and shoot a documentary of us bringing it back to all its former glory.

1966 kitchen
My favourite area was the kitchen. A galley kitchen at its finest

Staples Residence
 and 100% in its original state!

stacy reynaud 
Original carpeting, single pane windows, electrical - you name it - even the leaks Erickson is synonymous with.

stacy reynaud
1966 front texture - back of fireplace
stacy reynaud
Staples Residence living room from outside
stacy reynaud 
Built on the face of a cliff in Horseshoe Bay the home - surrounded by old growth trees and the buffer for Westerly winds - seems quite precarious.

dining room
stacy reynaud 
Kitchen, dining room, living room and lounge encompass the first floor of the 2600 sf residence.

Staples Residence deck from dining room
stacy reynaud
1966 looking up at hallway from living room
Second floor hallway looking up from the living room.

1966 hall texture

hall towards master bedroom
The second floor consists of two bedrooms a bath and a master bedroom with ensuite.

balcony from one bedroom
Each of the smaller bedrooms has a sliding door leading out to a terrace at the front of the house.

master bedroom closets
The master has a walk in area with enclosed closets - that I love.

Erickson Massey 1966
Erickson Massey 1966 image stacy reynaud 
It also has a southwest facing deck

view from master bedroom
 and amazing views.

Master Bedroom Staples Residence
Master Bedroom Staples Residence image stacy reynaud
1966 back entrance
The 1966 back entrance to the living room.

back yard
images Stacy Reynaud
The back yard.
All in all I figure the home needs about $500,000 to $1 million in renos and upgrades.
The home did sell sometime between last October and April. It is, however, for sale again - and no, I haven't found anyone willing to join me on the adventure of a life time yet.
For more images please visit my Staples Residence set on Flickr.

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