May 4, 2012

B.Y.O.J.K. - Bring Your Own Jackknife

Free in a back alley in North Van - unfortunately too rotten
The Selby - if we can't find one we'll go this route

good ole Canada Parks version - Okanagan, BC 1994

Goldstream Provincial Park - I recommend staying in one of their yurts.

facing West

North - it wraps around the corner to the left as well

to the East

One of the first things I'm going to pick up for our deck is a picnic table. Not some highly varnished one or one from an outdoor store, I want an old school one like those ones at our provincial parks. One made by some local handyman or maybe even one made by a group of us friends one drunken Spring afternoon. The point being, we want to make it something reflective of us and our pals. Carve, graffiti and grind those bottle caps in as much as you want because that's why we love you.

The Wind