Last Weekend I Deleted the Memory Card

I spent last weekend snapping pics of the demolition of another piece of significant West Vancouver architecture - 2362 Haywood - and scouring West Van church flea markets. Shot some great images saved them and then accidentally deleted them. Just means I need to go back to the house as I had a great convo with the guy doing the demo. He had no idea (of course). He showed me the paper lined walls - dated September 16, 1954 - which I snapped but lost.

Here are some snaps from 'the big camera' (that doesn't usually accompany me) and a few from 'the little camera' after a quick drop in to our local thrift shop yesterday.

Parthenon Greek Deli Goodies 
Sometimes I crave pickled herring. Other times I crave feta stuffed jalapenos. Parthenon on Broadway (in Kits) has the best ones I've ever had.

I thought this would work to hold our turntable as the glass is very thick.

Here's its taller sibling. Might pick this up for our dining room to act as a room divider.

I know I just wrote about getting a picnic table for our deck but the ball and claw with six distressed leather seat chairs is only $250. If it's still there next week (when we have access to a truck) I'm getting it for our deck.

Flo's first venture on the deck (she's not fat, she's fluffy).

We picked up the IKEA Brimnes daybed for the spare room. I'm thinking about decoupaging it and then staining it - like the little demo we did here.

New neighbour. No lap dog eating bald eagles - yet.

We have concrete beams on the deck which needed some creative thinking in order to hang our outdoor lamps. We're using thin wire wrapped around each beam.

Rice Paper Lights in the Evening
The led lights are going to be webbed through the beams and loosely hang on the wire. Stay tuned - picked up three more boxes of them yesterday.

Sunday's moon from the deck.