Jul 5, 2012

A 700 year old West Van McMansion

me at Lighthouse Park December 25, 2011

A 700 year old community was destroyed 'by accident'.

The District of West Vancouver 'accidentally' mowed down a grove of ancient old growth trees to make way for a construction road. Good job guys. I wonder if it was the same crew that stripped Weston Park of its beauty (which coincidentally opened up a $1 million view for the home owner across the street).

If the humans aren't tearing down perfectly good homes in West Van to make way for McMansions they're tearing down trees to make way for McMansions.

A 100 year old tree:
has fixed about 2,500 kilograms of carbon from the atmosphere
has converted 9,100 kg of carbon dioxide and 3700 kg of water
has stored up to 23-million kilogram-calories (a calorific equivalent to 3,500 kg of coal)
has made 6,600 kg of oxygen, which is sufficient for one person to breathe for 20 years
has drawn from its roots up into its crown (against the force of gravity) and evaporated into the atmosphere at least 2,500 tonnes of water. Every tree continually recharges the atmosphere with water in this manner, and when cut down, that amount of water is lost. (source: Living Tree Educational Foundation)

Thanks to Todd Major of the North Shore News for the post inspiration.

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