Jan 1, 2013

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Tagging a gravestone, locking locks on a fence, sticking gum on a wall. Why do people participate? Self expression? Community? Dopamine? Are Facebook, Tumblr, or Foursquare forms of digital graffiti? Why or why not?

image via my tumblr via here
  • be fearless
  • go beyond the obvious
  • never assume
  • look for hints transform them to innovation
  • ideas for ideas' sake are worthless

The day before I left for my holiday vacation two of my instructors took me out for drinks - which somewhat turned into an intervention. They told me my job was sucking the life out of me. I appreciated their candor because I'm a tough love kind of chick.

Time for some changes - 2013 will see me up in front of a class again. I'm looking forward to making my students' brains hurt. I'll be teaching into the digital marketing program I created so expect to see a few thought rants like this one. I'm also going to be creating a new e-retail program which I'm really looking forward to as that's where my business was born. Besides thinking, I'm also passionate about design, architecture and fashion so I'll be blogging more - which is also a passion. Oh - and I'll also be opening shopbijouliving.com Three cheers for the entrepreneur!

Happy New Year to You! I really appreciate you sticking around and following my ups, downs and circular motions! The best is yet to come.

The Wind