9 Tips to Survive The Flea Market of the Year

We wait all year for this and if you've been reading Bijou Living for awhile you may remember me writing about it before - The West Van Seniors' Flea Market. This Sunday at the West Van arena (behind the Community Centre) come on out! If you're looking for furniture this is the place - head right to the back.

Everything goes 50% off at 2pm so make it a day.

Heed my advice:
  1. do not bring anyone with you who doesn't like crowds
  2. bring a larger bag - like those blue Ikea ones, to put all the little bags you accumulate in
  3. there are certain people who will try to shove you out of the way - do not let them! Turn to them and: a) give them the crazy lady eyes until they stop or b) firmly say, 'Excuse me but I'm standing here'. Seriously - be firm
  4. there are lockers in the washrooms in the Community Centre if you want to stash your stuff until the 50% off sale at 2pm. Go and explore some West Van architecture, go to the Sally Ann on 16th and Marine, chill out at the beach in Dundarave - or perhaps find a new apartment to rent - there are tonnes in Ambleside and you'll be surprised by the price.
  5. bring water, snacks and ibuprofen (sometimes I bring ear plugs). There's a Bean Around the World coffee shop in the Community Centre, (have the vegan gluten free cookie)
  6. dress in layers or leave your coat in a locker
  7. remember the people working the market are volunteers - seniors from the West Van Seniors' Centre - respect them. If you witness someone disrespecting a senior tell them so, (or hope I'm nearby and I will). Some of these seniors are frail and certain people try to intimidate them to get what they want. Trust me, you'll see it, don't let it happen.
  8. do not let people shove you - stand firm. Politeness goes out the door with some people.
  9. Imagine yourself in one of those rolling sound proof plastic bubbles gliding around the market - it helps.
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