My Deck - A Preemptive

'Imagine if it was sunny now until November?' The Easter long weekend in Vancouver was gorgeous! The thing about Vancouver weather is, you can't trust it. As a kid growing up here it sucked. You'd leave your Barbies outside in their Barbie motor home on a hot summer night only to have them soaking wet in pissing rain the next morning. Camping - same thing. How many times have I woken up in a flooded tent?

We took advantage of our four days of nice weather and started our Spring planting on the deck. The plant collection has grown a lot since we moved in a year ago. This year we're trying a herb garden. My first one. I've had bountiful vegetable gardens before but I don't want to attempt one on my deck - I need room for lounging. My climbing rose bush survived its first winter. I cut all the leaves off it and it's come back nicely - and so have the aphids. I've planted peppermint around the bush but I don't think it's mature enough to keep them away yet. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these jerks?

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