May 17, 2013

In My Other Life

I'm the program head (and member of faculty) for the part time marketing management program at BCIT. I'm also a tree hugger, as you've probably figured out by now. How did I get into marketing? It just happened. I actually hate marketing, or is it marketers? Or is it the campaigns? Remember, I'm also a born BC'er, as is Adbusters - and Greenpeace.

When I see a campaign like the new one from Greenpeace targeting Italy's largest fashion houses, the first thing that runs through my head is, 'OK Greenpeace, how exactly did that green rubber glove come into fruition?' Last time I checked rubber was harvested from trees - is it neon green when harvested? I thought not. Where did the dye go after the gloves were dyed? How many vehicles were used to transport the gloves? In all fairness, Greenpeace may have had a disclaimer on the gloves stating they were artisanal gloves produced by fairies - or in an ecologically sensitive manner.

Think before you approve.

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