Jul 26, 2013

Wittgenstein has got it going on

Everything that can be thought at all can be thought clearly. Everything that can be said can be said clearly. 
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico Philosophicus

Jul 25, 2013

Irrefutable Mens Shorts

I'm a leg woman. I can look beyond Magnum's mustache.

Bjorn Borg
Paul Newman
Robert Redford Paul Newman
The Rolling Stones

Jul 12, 2013

For the Price of Gold | Put a Bird on It

For close to half an ounce of gold you could buy this Isabel Marant dress.  She did, after all, put a bird on it.

Jul 11, 2013

On this Day in 2008

When I originally posted this piece, five years,  ago MCA - Adam Yauch (my favourite Beastie) was still with us. Such a loss.

Matteo Pericoli's Grammy nominated album design
Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs

I loved pop up books as a child.

When I recently discovered that the artist of one of my favourite album covers was also a published author, designer and architect I had to dig deeper.

Matteo Pericoli captures New York City in pen and ink. His first published book, Manhattan Unfurled, Random House (2001) contains fifteen hundred buildings and nineteen bridges that unfold into two 37 foot scrolls of the East and West Sides of the Manhattan skyline. A young person's version is also available under the title, See the City: the journey of Manhattan Unfurled, Knopf for Young Readers (2004). In this version, Pericoli adds simple text and hand-drawn labels, telling young readers how he created his drawing. He also encourages kids to 'draw everything'.
Manhattan Unfurled Random House (2001)

In 2007, Pericoli completed Skyline of the World, a 397 foot panoramic mural for American Airlines' new International Terminal at JFK.

Skyline of the World
photo USA Today

Born in Milan, Matteo Pericoli currently teaches illustration and architecture at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, NY.

Jul 6, 2013

Chair Love - Oscar Niemeyer Rio Chaise Lounge

So Oscar Niemeyer made cool furniture and buildings? Of course, he did. It seems like most architects are budding furniture designers as well (Frank Lloyd Wright, Ron Thom). Niemeyer passed away in December 2012, 10 days short of his 105th birthday.

The Rio Chaise Lounge was designed in 1978 in collaboration with his daughter, Anna Maria Niemeyer.

It features a bentwood frame, woven cane seat, and a leather headrest pillow with weighted straps.

The image shown is a 2001 reissue for sale on 1st Dibs.

1978 original for sale at $28,000 in 2013
1978 original sold at auction for $22,000 in 2008
1978 original unsold at auction $5000 in 2003

images © R 20th Century

Jul 4, 2013

Going to California

Now, if it was only as easy as putting love in my eyes and flowers in my hair. Next week I'm headed to Huntington Beach, the last time I was in Huntington Beach I was 14. This Canadian, loves the sun but does not do well in the heat. I puff up like a puffer blow fish, don't like wearing skimpy clothes, and as a wonderful woman in NYC said to me, 'Girl, you are the whitest woman I've ever seen'.

Braless in a kaftan, that's it! I own a plethora of those! Alas, if only I were going to a fashion conference and not a technology leadership conference.

Yes, you've assumed correctly, that's me and my atv in the olden days at Pismo Beach Dunes before three wheelers were banned!

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