Aug 16, 2013

2008 Flashback Post - Our Living Room Five Years Ago

Originally published September 14, 2008. Thanks for sticking around my blog for that long - know that I appreciate it. You give me something to write about.


When working with 620 square feet it can be challenging to find furniture that doesn't over power your space.

Windows, area rugs, drapes and a colour wheel (for direction) can help you define the space.
In this space I chose a 5 x 8 flokati rug to bring the room together. Your furniture should sit at just the edge of the rug and should be placed at a comfortable conversation distance from each other and close enough to the coffee table to rest your drink on. In this room the coffee table is a Nakashima inspired vintage old growth burl.

The color scheme was chosen to compliment the view of Stanley Park out the window. It was important to have some bright accents as this home faces northwest and nine months of the year are gray and raining. I chose shades of purple, red, green and gold to liven up the champagne velvet tufted couch and chairs.

Dark chocolate vintage crushed velvet drapes frame the view and pull out the wood grains in the original mid century oak flooring.


Looking at this before image - I'm quite proud to say I still have pretty much everything - minus the credenza and TV. The sofas, curtains and flokati rug were destroyed when our West End apartment building was infested by bed bugs a year after this photo. The ficus tree is actually celebrating its 20th birthday this year! It was given to me as a house warming present when I went off to university.

The Wind