Nov 16, 2013

BC Binning Residence SOLD

BC Binning Residence, West Vancouver, BC image Stacy Reynaud

A Canadian National Historic site is headed to the Supreme Court on November 18.

I first wrote about the BC Binning home, located in demolition permit happy West Vancouver, in 2010 - the post is below. 

Ironically, I spent Friday at the Association of Fundraising Professionals' National Philanthropy Day luncheon. Awards were presented to x for raising x amount, y for raising y amount, etc. 

The Land Conservancy, the nonprofit that owns the Binning home, is $7.6 million in debt (as I noted back in 2010, they were headed for trouble). 

Listening to the keynote speaker, Dan Pallata (the guy whose TED Talk has over 2.5 million views), break down salaries for top earners in the US blew my mind. 

The developer offered the TLC $1.6 million for the home - rumour is that he bought the house next to the Binning residence. 

Checked out Crack Shack or Mansion lately - there's a Part Deux

You'll see what $1.6 million buys you in Vancouver.

BC Binning is almost always a favourite. He's a local hero. Kate Barron Gallery Manager Art Emporium.

It's too bad the TLC didn't hand the Binning Home over to the District of West Vancouver as they did with the Arthur Erickson designed Baldwin Home in Burnaby in May 2013

West Van is a corporation and could hold it as an asset - not to mention it'd be a perfect public relations and marketing tactic for them. 

Suppose West Van is opening a Centre for Art, Architecture and Design. In that case, you'd think a home listed on the Canadian Historic Sites registry would be a top priority for acquisition. 

Come on West Van - offer the TLC $7.6 million for the Binning Home and write it off as an advertising and marketing expense.

For a story in the Vancouver Sun from 2007 see here.

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