Dec 3, 2013

10 topics I've been meaning to write about but haven't gotten around to

Bijou Living Tumblr

It's much easier to publish with one's pseudo-opposable thumb than ten digits.

I've had a month-long case of insomnia (brought on by stress), which in turn aggravates my moods - hence many Tumblr and Instagram posts but no blog updates. 

Post ideas have been coming and going through my thoughts, but that's it.

Here are some things that have been floating around:

  1. Have you watched the Upstairs Downstairs remake on Netflix? The set design and costumes - oh my cat - wrap me up in them! Those silk velvet gowns - purr.
  2. How about Mr. Selfridge? We need more Roderick Temple.
  3. Society women in Edwardian times
  4. Gong meditation
  5. Finding the perfect wasabi chickpea recipe
  6. The phrase, 'Nothing personal, it's just business.' Screw that. Business is personal.
  7. Only Lovers Left Alive
  8. Predictive analysis
  9. Out-of-body experiences 
  10. Mallard green interiors

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