Dining dilemma

I've had at least five dining tables in the past ten years. Partially because I've moved six times in the past five years (and you've been with me for each one). What was purchased for one area doesn't fit in another area. This is what leaves me torn. I need a new table - again. I'd like to invest and get something I can keep pretty much from this day forth but seeing as we rent, who knows what will happen. Our last movers trashed our teak bedroom set, smashed most of my BC ceramics, broke my alabaster table, and gouged the top of my stump table with a six-inch crevasse.  What do I do? Out of all those tables, a card table we had was the most versatile, and the size was right for each dining room. I should look for one of those old wood ones, eh?

If I had 'my own' dining area, it would go something like this:

Florence Knoll's oak or walnut-topped table.

or the Wegner CH002 table

"Oh, hi, we just look cool."
Jonathan Adler's Sputnik chandelier

Hoffman for Thonet cane back chairs
mixed with Wegner's Wishbone chairs

Not in my dining area but of course, the Womb chair would be had. Now I'm into the flax colour. Good thing I didn't get the purple velvet one four moves ago!

Here's one of those card tables I just found on Craigslist. Thirty bones and a "leather top" - too bad those fantastic chairs aren't included.