Jun 13, 2024

Expectations vs Reality


Tribune Bay, Oct. 2019, Hornby Island

Expect to tell the time by the speed of the internet. 
Eat a lot of leftover frozen chilli. 
Exceed the number of days not washing your hair. 
Search out other humans to make sure you're not the last person on Earth.
Swear a lot.
Piss in a bucket beside your bed. 
Complain, suck it up, do it again. 
Ask yourself questions like, 
“I believe in ghosts. Why don’t I believe in aliens?” 
Be friendly even though you’re in the worst mood of your entire life. 
Expect not to see or speak to anyone for days and then
try to remember how to have a conversation. 
Identify irrational fear. 
Motivate yourself by asking, 
“What are you going to do, just lay there and die?” 
Deal with incompetence. 
Allow insults to roll off your back.

The Wind