Jun 9, 2024


He’s socially awkward, handsome, and his front teeth are broken. 
Super smart, with a penchant for salmon burgers – 
But only the Costco ones.
A card-carrying Green, 
Because I can’t vote anarchy. 
We awkwardly problem-solved together. 
As per my buddy Dave, 
“Don’t you two start trying to fix shit. You'll fuck it up even more.” 
In the summer, he wore high black socks with sandals and questionable shorts. 
By appearance, he wore the same t-shirt for 365 days. 
I like this design. I bought all of them. 
He lived in the forest down the road from me. 
A trailer in the middle of a meadow. 
I’m just a guy living in a meadow in the forest. 
Originally from Ontario. 
Years ago, he and his girlfriend ended up on Hornby after they finished a tree-planting gig. She left after a few months.
He has a show on community radio every Wednesday - 
The Phlip Side with Phil. 
He’s corny, likes to read and has no patience for pop culture or movies. 
Particularly Game of Thrones.
We bonded over expresso in red neon cursive. 
It just works faster.
He taught me about every tree on my property—the cedars, the firs, the arbutus —what they like and don’t like and whether they’ll survive the next ten years. 
He humoured me while I waited to make sure I didn’t go into anaphylactic shock the first time I ate huckleberries from my yard. 
He delivered the water that kept me alive. 
When I left Hornby, I gave him my jade plants because I knew he’d look after them. 
In a parallel universe, they're thriving.
When my cat diedhe came over and told me stories about his dog, who’d moved to the island with him thirty years prior. 

The Satanic Majesty's Request