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Quote of the Week - William Blake

from the collection of stacy reynaud
He who kisses the joy as it flies lives in eternity's sunrise.

Cheetah vs Leopard

The cheetah has solid black spots and cries black tears because he's likely to become endangered unless his circumstances improve.
The leopard has more complex spots of brown and black that resemble rosettes.
Ava Gardner is wearing leopard.

Design Lover - American Tourister 1966


Siphon - not just a verb for stealing gas

Saturday I had the day to myself and decided to go do something I've been meaning to get around to for months. After reading - or more like seeing a cool photo - in Oliver Strand's Ristretto column last summer, my mouth has been watering to try Japanese slow drip coffee. I saw a slow dripper at our local beach hut - yes, we're pretty fancy in Dundarave - but the thought of coffee with my salmon burger was never appealing. However, I'd noticed a new cafe had opened up around the corner a few months back that advertised Japanese slow drip so off I went. Well, it turned out that their slow dripper uses a paper filter and I don't like paper filtered coffee, needless to say, I did see this appealing bong like contraption that I thought I'd give a try. I selected the Guatemalan.
It's a coffee siphon - some call it a vacuum. Watch a short clip below or view it here:

image Stacy Reynaud

If you like coffee you have to try a siphon. Butter. Just like butter.

Can we h…

I know its about brand awareness but come on

I'd have to spend an hour picking all the bloomin' labels off of these - they ruin the shoe and make them look cheaper than they already are.

Black Canvas Women's Wedges TOMS Shoes

What to do when a work colleague passes

One of my team members from work passed away last week. I was notified by his daughter. This was a new experience for me as I've only indirectly worked with one other person that died. This situation was different because I was his 'manager' and it was my responsibility to inform his colleagues.

emotion is natural and expected. If you feel like you need to cry do so. If you want to try and hold back the tears look up or drink some water - it tends to notifying colleagues say what you truly feel and relay any information the family has requested you pass on. This could be dates of the memorial service, names of charities you may make a donation to in lieu of flowers and in our situation, a final word to his colleagues.if you are the deceased's 'direct report' then you must contact the HR department. They will do all the paperwork for life insurance and notify the other departments. If they do not distribute a notice of memoriam within the work place it is…

The Duffel Bag Mystique

The Gold Rush 1898 duffel bag evolution - Chilkoot Pass Alaska

Even the word duffel bag conjures up images of three day old stubble and mud caked motorcycles all interwoven with vetiver, tobacco, musk and dirt.

Lost treasures from both Kurt Cobain and the Rolling Stones have been found in duffel bags. The duffel bag as Ark of the Rock and Roll Covenant?

Whatever it may be, the duffel bag only gets better with age. Etsy Ciao Baby Vintage find

Quote of the Week - Herman Hesse

If I know what love is, it is because of you.

image from the collection of Stacy Reynaud

No sale for you

Today I tried to buy three things online. Two wouldn't ship to Canada and one is on back order. I'd go off on a tangent but I won't.

1. Filson zip tote
2. Caswell-Massey Onyx Soap
3. This Smells Like Dirt perfume (I may order a sample of one of these lovelies instead)

Quote of the Week - Francois Fenelon

We can often do more for other men by trying to correct our own faults than by trying to correct theirs.

Vintage Sonia Rykiel


The Joy of Renting - 1960s Bathrooms

image Stacy Reynaud
1961 Washroom
This is probably one of the better ones we've had the privilege of.

Men's Boots in Summer?

Oh, yeah! Alternate between wears and air them out. It's all in the socks anyway.


3. Tretorn 4. G Star Raw



then again you could always wear espardilles.

Last Weekend

Stacy Reynaud

I've been eyeing these for awhile - too tight (Sally Ann Londsdale)

yes, please

opposites attract

the black bag reminds me of this bag

didn't buy a thing


blue velvet house shoes - the mark was on the mirror not the shoes - SPCA thrift store go get 'em!

Style Inspiration - 1970s Maria Schneider

ok it's Marlon Brando but he looks damn hot here.

27 March 1952 – 3 February 2011

What I wore...1996

December 1996
in my defense - we were on our way out and it was -5

hat - vintage mohair (I still have it)
leather jacket - men's vintage with a zip in liner (I wish I still had it!)
wool gloves - military surplus
trousers - men's vintage (I loved those pants!)
boots - platform Fluevogs

Tip of the Week - Looking Your Best While Traveling

1. Neatness
2. Appropriateness

You may only be traveling with two or three outfits but if you choose wrinkle resistant materials, unpack your clothes when you arrive, keep them clean (carry a spot remover) and pressed - you will always appear well dressed - no matter how much your outfits cost.

Which fabric travels best?

A few thrift shop finds

Whew - I hope you've recovered from that cold/flu that was going around. No matter how many times I washed my hands it got me (after two weeks of teasing) - it's air born apparently. I made a feeble attempt at thrifting just before it hit - here are some pics from a store located about an hour south of my place. The poodle's name was Spring.
I look forward to getting fashionably back on track!