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This makes me want to shoot one of me and my bff

It would be pretty hilarious.

Top Summer Colors for Men

The thing about technology is that fashion is becoming faster and faster, (note I did not say style). Back in January 2012, I did this post on men's color trends for Spring | Summer 2013. These were just three of my favourites. View more of what Pantone picked over at their site - which, in fact, is a very resourceful piece of the Interwebs.

Did you pick up anything in these colors? I haven't bought anything for summer yet! Probably because we're only at highs of 14  - brrr.

I'll take the female version of the center outfit (not the shoes) in the last row for myself - hoping that the sweater is a silk linen blend. Which wouldn't you turn down?

Pantone calls them Monaco Blue, Vibrant Orange and Sunflower

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Essential Coffee Information

Now wouldn't this be a cool poster? sourceHelen K

In My Other Life

I'm the program head (and member of faculty) for the part time marketing management program at BCIT. I'm also a tree hugger, as you've probably figured out by now. How did I get into marketing? It just happened. I actually hate marketing, or is it marketers? Or is it the campaigns? Remember, I'm also a born BC'er, as is Adbusters - and Greenpeace.

When I see a campaign like the new one from Greenpeace targeting Italy's largest fashion houses, the first thing that runs through my head is, 'OK Greenpeace, how exactly did that green rubber glove come into fruition?' Last time I checked rubber was harvested from trees - is it neon green when harvested? I thought not. Where did the dye go after the gloves were dyed? How many vehicles were used to transport the gloves? In all fairness, Greenpeace may have had a disclaimer on the gloves stating they were artisanal gloves produced by fairies - or in an ecologically sensitive manner.

Think before you approve.

Quote | Albert Einstein

I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.


Some of these new spots [artisanal coffee shops] have a way of making you feel not cool enough--like you're dressed inappropriately. Patrick Dempsey on the artisanal coffee shop scene.

Dempsey just bought Tulley's coffee (the Peet's of Seattle). Weird.

Any Portlandia fans out there? Anyone been to JJ Bean Coffee in the Woodward's building? Check it out. You'll see what he means.

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Cold War Era KGB Spy Equipment

Quote - Edgar Allan Poe

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

Uncivilized Cards from the 70s

I sometimes find these tacky things at thrift stores.  What was with the 70s anyway? So sloppy and uncouth. Now pass the Grey Poupon if you will.
Mean-Spirited Greeting Cards from the 1970s by LosPeep