Seriously - they're paving paradise and putting up a parking lot

They're into destroying beautiful things in West Vancouver. If it's not homes or old growth forests it's something else. This ludicrous, corporate PR jargon notice from the District of West Vancouver popped up on our front door last week. The District of West Vancouver is actually chopping down a forest (see photos below) to put up a parking lot (they also closed down a tennis court and turned it into a parking lot). I'd like to mention that an arborist is actually employed full time with the District - they are an employee of the district and are paid by the District. Bets that the arborist the District consulted was actually an employee of the District?

Can the public call in an independent arborist to assess these trees? I, for one, would like to hear another opinion.

Say goodbye to your roost Mr. Resident Bald Eagle - I'm sure I won't be the only who'll miss watching you torment the crows and seagulls of the neighbourhood.

The flags in the above photo are at half mast to honour Tim Jones of the North Shore Search and Rescue who passed away last weekend.


This tree is the very tall beauty in the top right of the first photo. It's a daily stop for the bald eagles making their way down to John Lawson Park.

I'll be very sad to see it go and replaced with a parking lot.
It's probably at least 100 years old.

 This photo was taken from our deck.

The trees that will be chopped down are the tall beautiful ones at the north side of the building.

So, the next time I post a photo of the municipal hall building all those mature beautiful trees will be gone. 


Nothing like encouraging alternative options to vehicles. Good job guys, well thought out.

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