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My Morning Routine

The socks and clogs are mandatory (and don't leave the house).

Marie Antoinette Blue

or maybe Versailles blue - not so much Wedgwood blue. Ice blue?

Whatever the colour is it reminds me of Marie Antoinette so let's do a search of Marie Antoinette blue shall we.

Anyway, I'm giving away my chairs that I bought back in 2012.  I've decided to ditch the deck dining table and chairs and go for something more along the lines of this beauty from 1976:

hair image via the very cute blog Cute Colored Hair
room image via Wikipedia

Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups - Vegan Recipe

stacy reynaud Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
One, two, three, four ingredients simple enough for me to make!

What you need:
1/3 cup vegan chocolate chips (or regular)1 tbsp coconut oil2 tbsp nut butter - we used almond butter2 tsp good maple or agave syrup

+ one shallow cupcake tin or a shallow candy mold
* recipe made a single tray of 24 small bite size cups

What you do:
grease molds with coconut oil melt chocolate and coconut oil together until smooth and liquid - stir brisklymelt almond butter and maple syrup together - stir until smoothdrop 2 tsp of the melted chocolate into each of the molds place tray in freezer for 5 minutes - remove when chocolate is hardadd 1 tsp of nut butter mix on top of hardened chocolate - smooth out to cover all the chocolatecover the nut butter filling with melted chocolateplace in freezer until hardened - about 20 minutessave the recipe on Pinterest

Store in the freezer until you're ready to eat them for breakfast.

Recipe adapted from Healthy Happy …

Quote of the Week - some guy in the 70s

The price is outrageous, but so is the quality.

100 Dollar Decor Style Steal

Rattan peacock fan chair and macrame tables from Macrame Enchantment, 1979
Wicker glass top table and four chairs $100  Personalize and spray paint it black

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How to Tell if A Pineapple is Ripe

stacy reynaud Pineapples don't ripen after they're picked. If your pineapple isn't ripe turn it upside down so the sugar flows to the top to help sweeten it.

If a pineapple is ripe its leaves will pull out easily.

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8 of The Best Decor Finds on Craigslist Vancouver April 16

mid-century mirrored fireplace screen | Josef Hoffmann Prague dining chairs | the folding screen I've dreamt about since I was nineteen | free ficus tree free elephant palm | Balinese wooden trunk with inlay | vintage cane chaise lounge | hammered brass pot (for the free elephant palm)

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