Jun 23, 2008

Gothic Revival does Space Odyssey

Jasper Van Gootel available at POAA

Having an eclectic design sense is a nice way of saying you're eccentric.  

Being a lover of all things dark - the Haunted Mansion was always my favourite ride at Disneyland - I'm excited to see the revival of Gothic design with 21st Century flare. Inspiration - Edgar Allan Poe lands a job as interiors decorator to the Space Odyssey portfolio. 

Japser Van Grootel, like Maarten Baas, has revived Grandma's antiques with a dose of chic. Van Grootel's collection, for Studio JSPR, has ornate indoor outdoor furniture treated with a special rubber layer that's been designed to resist all weather conditions.  I'll take these over the white plastic garden chair any day!

Another design I'm thrilled about is Franje by Marcel Reulen for Dark- you have to check out their website!  Reulen has taken Grandma's fringed lamp one step further to sexy land...

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