The War on Design

Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chair

There's a war going on right now you may not know about - it's in design. 

On one side we have designers like Philippe Stark and his theory that;

 'I have designed so many things without ever really being interested in them...Everything I have designed is absolutely unnecessary. Design, structurally seen, is absolutely void of usefulness.  A useful profession would be an astronomer, a biologist...Design is really nothing.  I have tried to install my designs with a sense of meaning and energy, and even when I tried to give it my best it was still in vain. Design is really a terrible way to express oneself.';  from Die Zit translated from German by mademoisellea.vox

 On the other, designers like Marcel Wanders.  Wanders argues that; 

'We as designers have to represent our public and their dreams instead of the machine and the anachronistic political dogmas it represents.  We have to challenge the industry so they will learn to follow instead of lead.  It is upon humanity, which the design of the future can only be built.  With love, passion and poetry we will take design to new heights.'; quote from Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders White Fishnet Chair