The Fashion Equation

My husband is trying to understand how my work week wardrobe planning - which includes sunglasses and shoes - can be such a thought process. I taught him the 'fashion equation' early on in our relationship and it's something he has personally put to good use.
It goes like this:
2 pants+2 skirts+2 blazers+5 tops = 36 different outfits when styled correctly.
Imagine the possibilities when applied to each section of the color wheel - which should be within arm's length at all times.
With the Fall collections slowly trickling in I'm going to devote the next few posts to my top picks for men and women. Expect some video as well as thoughts of what I think inspired the looks.
Here's a teaser:
Women's Trousers:
  • Victor & Rolf stove pipe
  • Balenciaga stove pipe
  • Gaulthier wide leg
  • FENDI front slit pockets
  • Gaulthier
  • Sonia Rykiel
  • ChloĆ©
  • FENDI the 80s inspired over the shoulder clutch
  • GUCCI the cut velvet from the Hysteria Collection
  • ChloĆ© the clutch