Vintage Film and Fashion Part 2

A film that could spark some inspiration is the British horror flick Psychomania (1971). Tight leather, vintage British motorcycles, great hair styles and tripped out music.
Be warned this is a cheesy movie! Kitschy, campy, over the top movie night pandemonium.
The flick is about a gang of bikers, The Living Dead, who commit suicide to come back as a zombie gang. There's a frog with a lead role that is quite quizzical.
Watch this trailer of The Living Dead terrorizing a shopping centre. The Mom in the hot pants slash jumpsuit and go-go boots is worth it.

I don't know whose personal style is better - Johnny Alucard from Dracula AD 72 or Tom Latham from Psychomania.

Tom from Psychomania
inspiration - Yves Saint Laurent F/W 2008

Johnny Alucard from Dracula AD 72
inspiration: ETRO F/W 2008