Aug 25, 2008

14 Ideas For A Dining Room

When it comes to dining in a 620 square foot flat the options can be quite comical. Currently, we are using a card table, which to be frank, looks quite naively chic.
To honour the room that will one day be ours, here are 14 rooms I'd be caught feasting in:
Nothing highlights sophistication like giraffe print seating
Issei Hatakeyama residence.  Tatami mats and Edo-period sliding doors
19th Century Italian trestle table at an LA home
The ubiquitous Knoll Saarinen table with custom upholstered Louis XV chairs
Gilt wall-coverings, lacquered cabinets and a dimmer switch
An array of colored plastic Eames chairs set along a Nakashima inspired table
L'hôtel Mystique
Seth Stein's London home was once dilapidated Victorian stables.  He left the original ceramic wall in the dining room - the numbers mark the old livery boxes.  The reclaimed wood on stainless steel does it for me.
The Knoll Saarinen table with stainless steel dining chairs custom upholstered in black leather.  The justification for investing in a signature piece like the Saarinen table is that you can work with it over the years by simply updating your seating. 
A romantic breakfast among linen and Wedgwood
It's the monastic ceiling that makes me want to sing for my supper.
Eclectic chic - industrial drafting chair set amongst charity shop finds and a handmade table.
The dining room of a private carriage pays homage to Gothic Revival architecture, cut velvet and fringe.
The quote that really sums it all up; 'You can't do head-to-toe Chanel; you've got to mix it up with combat boots.'  Anne Fisher on her Stanford White built Manhattan townhouse.

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