Aug 23, 2008

The benefits of thrift shopping - How to feel good about trashing your clothes

In May I chopped two feet off a Diane von Furstenberg dress, the month before I ripped the buttons off a Louis Feraud blazer, in January I threw a 1970s Oscar de la Renta dress in the wash after a night of bubbly and as for that Burberry trench I dyed black, I've never looked back.
The joys of shopping vintage.
I'm a woman of few regrets. Alas, there are two. The first, an ecru colored lace and silk velvet 1930s gown I'd lent to a friend for a Christmas party and she set forth to bathe in red wine with it. The second, a black silk crepe Edwardian evening gown adorned in gold filagree I sold before I could fully uncrate it at the Manhattan Vintage show. The Edwardian gown went to a highly respected collector, so I have some solitude. The 1930s dress was sold, wine stains and all, and the new owner dyed it burgundy, she was happy.
I digress.
You see, if you shop vintage it makes you feel good:

1. You can party in your threads without panic
2. Just think of how unmaterialistic you'll seem when you roll down that grassy hill in your hipster get up without a care in the world
3. You won't have to maim the person who steps on the back of your Dior dress and rips it up to your arse (Kate Moss didn't maim Courtney Love did she...)
4. You'll be the bell of the ball as you pick yourself up off the floor after stepping through the front of your dress perceivably without a care in the world
5. "Oh, those darn little snags in my chiffon!"
6. You can always make it into something new after you wreck it - Vivienne Westwood did
7. You can say you support The Good Life.
8. Cashmere sweaters are great for jogging
9. You can have it dry cleaned about 100 times before you reach the actual perceived value - talk about a return on investment
10. Basic unembellished black never goes out of style
11.You'll never have to worry about appearing in a 'Who wore it better?' post

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