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How to Wear a Cardigan

leave the bottom button undone

Kurt Cobain, the king of cardigans
Layer over a vest.

How Not To Wear Your Cardigan

Panic Attack: 22 creepiest horror movies

Criteria for selection of these creepy movies were the creation of a sense of panic, nightmares, claustrophobia, repulsion, and irritability.Here is a list of 22 of the creepiest films I've seen - in no apparent order. Enjoy: Hellraiser 1987
The Descent
Wicker Man 1973
Rosemary's Baby  
Donny Darko
The Birds
Halloween 1978
The Hills Have Eyes
Gaslight 1944
The Haunting 1963
American Werewolf in London
Gothic 1986
Carrie 1976
Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954
The Blair Witch Project
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974
The Boys from Brazil 1978
Children of the Damned 1963
The Shining

Tips on Bedroom Wall Treatments

When you're living in a 620 sq ft apartment there is no price tag on good decorating.   There are stimulating decorating prospects all around you if you just take the time to look for them.The importance of establishing the appropriate mood is paramount so why not start in the bedroom.  Walls take up more space than any other single element in a room so use them to enhance it. The eclectic look above was achieved by gluing strips of rough sawn cedar and mirror to the wall. What you need: various lengths of cedar or fir - 1x6s and 2x6s in 24, 36 and 48 inch lengths
four six inch wide mirror strips in lengths of 24, 29, and 39 inches.
glue for the wood
adhesive for the mirror The boards shown here are painted white to play up the white-on-white look but you can also stain them or leave them natural.  I'd like to see it done in black. If you enjoyed this post you may like my post on how to make a cool light here.

10 Cigar Topics For Conversation

I'm noticing a return of the cigar.  Could it be that 'e' word that's plaguing the news lately?  Are we cashing out and lighting up?   Here are 10 cigar subjects to share over your next puff: 1.  120 year old Swiss cigar house Villiger sold 600 million cigars in 2007 worth a total $148 million. 2.  Don't use your Zippo to light your cigar.  Use wooden matches or cedar spills.  Your sentimental Zippo will leave its lighter fluid taste and odor on the cigar. 3.  Cigar houses are encouraging politicians and media 'not to accept at face value the facts being served up to them day by day by the highly organized lobby (the WHO and EU).' as efforts to create a 'smoke free society' continue. Heinrich Villiger 4.  Puff not toke 5.  Cigar bands are popular collectors' items. 6.  Cigarillos are popular among hipsters, Europeans and some aficionados yet scorned by others. 7.   A 5-inch cigar should smoke for 20 - 30 minutes.  A 7.5 inch cigar may last for over an h…

10 Men's City Bags

If your job or educational activities are such that you need to carry a bag about town try to make it as unman purse as you can. Here are ten city bags that may get you carried away: 1. Vancouver
2. Jas M.B. 3. Roots 4. Vancouver
5. Ally Capellino 6. Vancouver
7. Fontanelli 8. Ally Cappellino 9. Vancouver
10. Cole Haan
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What's going on in Iceland?

There's always something poetic that evolves out of a nation coming to its crossroads. Contemplate MaJiKer.

For more on Iceland see

8 Tips for a Living Room Layout

1. The classic - useful in front of a picture or large window
2. For a long narrow space
3. The right angle creates its own domain in a small space
4. Practical for a larger living space
5. Smaller cocktail tables give a lighter look
6. Works well in large open plans or a fairly small room
7. An optional arrangement for smaller spaces
8. An arrangement for a room too small for a full sized sofa

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Flannel shirts and Fleet Foxes

Unfortunately,  I missed this gig at WWU on Saturday the 18th.  Oh well, I can still say I saw the Beastie Boys at the Commodore and Nirvana at the Forum.

7 Looks for Men's Watches

Choosing a watch is like choosing lingerie. There are certain criteria that must be met. 1. sexy yet practical 2. stylish yet comfortable 3. intriguing yet specific 4. appropriate yet adaptable 5. sophisticated yet crude Here are my 7 top drawer pics for watches: 1. Franklin Weisz at MoMA online 2. Bulgari Calibrio at Bulgari online 3. Oberon at Tokyo Flash 4. Lip LCD at GPL Ltd. online 5. Rolex Oyster Perpetual at fine jewelers 6. Movado Museum
at fine jewelers 7. Nooka Mirror Mesh at Nooka online

12 Hats for Men

My husband has been looking for a new hat since a rainy, windy visit to San Francisco this past February. I didn't think it would be so difficult - somewhat reminisce of me looking for jeans. Here are 12 reviews of what he's tried: 1. Paul Smith
2. Jackson
3. Irish Walking Hat
4. Fiddler's Hat
5. Bowler
6. no explanation

7. Newsboy
8. Derby
9. Toque
1o. Toque
11. Burberry
12. Jackie Stewart circa 1973
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How to charge 20K for a sofa

From the don't you wish you thought of that file comes the Gran Khan sofa.  The sofa, designed by Francesco Binfaré and manufactured by Edra, consists of a luxuriously soft leather hide with uncut edges resting atop a 118" x 43" Gellyfoam frame.
$19,770 You may remember the white plastic garden chair from the June don't you wish you thought of that file. $380 per chair

9 Women To Inspire You

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. Oscar Wilde - one of literature's most fashionable scribes So if your fashion inspiration is as done as the Fall leaves try these inspirational icons on for size: 1. Marilyn Monroe Can a turtleneck look sexier? 2. Melissa Auf der Maur Leggings and Frogging 3. Janis Joplin Velvet, lace and layers of jewels - very Givenchy 4. Greta Garbo The Scarf 5. Jill Kennington The Leather Trench 6. Marianne Faithful The Maxi Coat and Clutch 7. Sophia Loren Winter Beach Hair 8. Brit Ekland The Baby Doll and Loafer photo here 9. Debbie Harry Pale If you enjoyed the post please spread the love.

7 Excuses to catch that last minute flight to NYC

YSL Uptown Seventies Chic
photo decades 1. Yves Saint Laurent investment opportunity - collectors are abuzz with the YSL treasures to be found at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show - bring cash for the most negotiating power and go for the 70's stuff (Oct. 10 - Oct. 11). Alexander McQueen photo FIT 2. Something unseen was seducing you - "Gothic: Dark Glamour" at the Fashion Institute of Technology - expect Givenchy, Eiko Ishioka's gowns from 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula, Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler and John Galliano. Babar being shot at 3. A childhood friend was in town - Babar - you haven't forgotten your favourite pachyderm have you? "Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors" at the Morgan Library & Museum Nooka Zoo watch 4. You had to buy a watch at the MoMA Store - MoMA has some of the best designs available under one roof. Installation at the Met's Superhero exhibit 5. Superman needed you - "Superheroes: Fashion and Fa…