7 Excuses To Catch The Red Eye To London

Get out of here! Go grab a bargain basement last minute flight from British Airways and head to London for a quick fix of cool before settling in with the relatives for the holidays!
If you need an excuse here are seven:
December 6th 2008
vintage Biba is impossible to find in NA.
watch out for Cameron's crew - they'll be in vintage rock tees and bangles
cash, caffeine, no holds barred

2. YO! Sushi
the most expensive sushi robo I've ever had
worth a visit at lunch in the business district just to ride off the energy!

3. Bon Iver
congratulations to Joe M. - hope you enjoy the show!
View the visually stunning video for Wolves here.

4. Harmony Sex Shop
103 Oxford Street, Soho
njoy toys, the jessica rabbit

Mark Rothko exhibition
free collection displays on Levels 3 & 5 (Cubism, Futurism, Vorticism)

food, vintage, people watching - the best things in life
voted one of the top 100 stores you must visit in the world

7. Ten Bells
84 Commercial Street
when all is said and done
Magners, Aspalls and Scrumpy Jack on tap
Thanks Sarah!