Dec 2, 2008

Signature Series Street Art and Fashion

You don't become a mega brand by ignoring your target market. Hats off to Adidas and Ray Ban for joining forces with street super artists Sam Flores, Chris Mendoza, Herbert Baglione, David Choe and Aesop Rock.
Ray Ban Wayfarer Artist Series
Ray Ban is collaborating with Chris Medonza on an eighties graffiti style limited edition artist series - there are only 100. The series will be released online on December 3rd 2008
You can watch an interview with Mendoza here.
Adidas commissioned a limited edition series of sneaks designed by Flores, Baglione, Choe and Rock. One edition of four parts was released for four Thursdays from July 17, 2008. The folks at Adidas know their market better than their spouses.
You can view the 28 second campaign video for the Rock edition here or check ADIDAS' premiere campaign here.

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